An accessible web for everyone is something that not enough developers have been caring about. It is only now that more and more developers start to realize how important this is.

We, at Timble, try to make our websites as accessible as possible. We are working hard on creating automated workflows so we know our sites will stay accessible over time. This is important because accessibility is something that is mainly invisible to most of us. Making sure that every change you make is and stays accessible is really hard and that’s why we are using several tools to check these changes.

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Year in review

2014 was a busy year for us, the only way we could have produced more open source code would have been to clone ourselves. When we haven’t been coding, we’ve been blogging, tweeting sharing about our work and cool open source tech that makes your coding life that little bit more awesome each day.

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How users read

Our guides contain a set of best practices and relate to how users read. This is an explanation of some of our guidance and the reasons behind the rules.

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