Nice to meet you, again

We’ve been through a lot in the past years. Our team grew to 10 awesome people. We developed Nooku an open source project for developers, integrators and hackers alike. We released the Belgian Police Internet Platform, an open government platform.

It’s a fact of life – things change, and our website is no exception. It was time to regroup and tell our story of how we have developed over the past two years.

One thing that was missing from our old website was a blog. With deep roots in open source software we are keen to spread our knowledge and talk about the things that keep us busy.

The new website now serves as an umbrella for our company helping you to decide what we are good at.

Open Police 2.0 released

Today we are releasing Open Police 2.0, a brand new open-source platform specifically built for the various websites of the Belgian Police. It uses a component based architecture. Written in PHP 5.3, HTML, CSS and Javascript, and made by passionate open source technologists.

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