Company Manifesto

Our Core Values


At Timble, we believe that pursuing the paycheck first and last is a great way to spend your life desperately unfulfilled. Insanely great work isn't motivated by glittering jackpots — but by an abiding desire to make a dent in the universe.


Life is about people, not product and so is Timble. We believe that lasting relationships aren't built by "networking" but by caring. This means investing in people, not just grinning at them.


Human life is about lasting outcomes, not just short-term payoffs; hence, at Timble we feel that the work of razor-sharp purpose begins by aiming to make a real difference.


Compromising too readily with the past never creates the future. It only recreates the past. At Timble we dream bigger and persevere unflinchingly.


Timble people value their inner life as much as they value their outer stuff. We invest and our time, energy, and imagination in action instead of stuff.

Working As a Team

In Timble, we want a team of self-managing people who ship code. Here is what we look for in the people we work with.

Keep it small

We are an engineering-driven company with a hacker mentality. We keep our team small. All programmers, no talkers. Absolutely no middle managers.

Keep the focus

It’s your responsibility to ensure your environment promotes the ability to focus. Don’t be a victim to distractions. Read focus, a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction, it’s free.

We outsource everything that isn’t core. We resist the urge to pick up the last dollar. Founders do customer service.

Simplify. Test. Release. Iterate

You choose what to work on. Better you work on something that interests you then you don’t work at all. No tasks longer than one week. You have to release something into live production every week – worst case, two weeks. If you just joined, release something.

Deadlines matter. Stick to them. Per parkinson’s law: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

Customers first

We succeed when our customers succeed. We use this as a guiding principle to turn hard decisions into obvious ones. We relentlessly pursue the success of our customers, make the impossible possible, the hard easy, the complex simple.

Relentlessly resourceful

Most things we do has never been done before. We do not take ‘no’ for an answer. We turn can’t into will everyday!

Why, not just what

People are greatly influenced and driven by the why, not the what. Watch Simon Simek’s TED video on Why.

You are empowered

Everyone in the company is a developer. You are not bound by any title. Be your own manager, although your background and past define who you were yesterday, your future roles and skill-sets are defined by what you accomplish today.

Remember, you are only as powerful as the people that support you. This doesn’t mean that everyone is each other’s boss. Be respectful and helpful with your peers so that they can succeed alongside you.

We don’t have rules to prevent you from doing harm, but rather create an environment where good people are nurtured.

A base of trust

Good relationships are based on trust and communication. We trust you and give you freedom to accomplish tasks in the best manner you see fit. We are a results driven company. Finish your tasks on time and with high quality.

Failure to achieve both will jeopardize the unique freedom we share with everyone at Timble. Don’t let the fear force you into being controlling. Control is limiting, influence is empowering.

Think big act small

We often brainstorm think ahead, dream, strategize. We act in small steps, one step at a time. We often pivot, change course, alter our path. Be prepared. Nothing is ever fixed.

No data is lossy

Capture data. Don’t worry about whether it’s valuable info. Capturing it is important now so information can be derived later. Use Google Docs, Assembla Wiki, Dropbox etc...

Your ability to effect change larger than yourself is only good as the process you establish to document. Find ways to capture and distribute content you create.

Be aggressive and kind

Kindness and aggressiveness together are core to good business. Kindness don’t equate to passiveness, while aggressiveness does not require being abrasive. Balance well.

If you are passive, nothing gets done, and if you are abrasive no one want’s to do anything for or with you. Be kind to align interests while being aggressive to extract value.

Build a personal brand

Both for your professional career and for our company to be seen as being rich of subject matter experts is bringing extra value. Most companies try to hide their employees, so take advantage of our insistence that you shine and prioritize the building of your personal brand.

Thanks you’s are free

Use them with your peers, publicly and privately. Showing appreciation and consideration is the best return of investment on the market today. Let people know what you appreciate about them often, verbally and in writing. Watch Laura Trice TED video on The Power of saying thank you.

Praise loudly, blame softly

Blame only focuses on problems, not solutions. By the time you get to ‘blame’ you’ve missed many opportunities to effect positive change and present solutions.

If you feel that something is wrong, don’t complain about it. Do something about it. Finding and offering solutions is much more valuable and productive than complaining about problems.

Track down the problem, communicate and reset expectations, create a process to prevent it from happening again, and move forward positively together.

Work is not a job

Your significant others make your life here possible. We appreciate that and consider them in our planning and whenever and wherever we can.

Inspire yourself:

Challenge the given

Don’t follow advice or mandates blindly. Apply in both ways you know to be true, and ask ‘why’ when something seems off.

When two or more people give you conflicting advice, it likely means nobody knows the right answers, so do what you feel is right.

When everyone agrees on something, take a moment to step back and ask yourself, ‘did we come at this from the right angle ?’ The agreed upon is often not the only way.

Speak in questions

Doesn’t asking questions incite conversations instead of giving command ? Ask question often and repeatedly. Challenge the status quo.

Weird is good

Many of us are misfits for one reason or another. That special trait mixed into an environment that promotes acceptance and nurture creates a backbone for our culture. Take changes and be creative. Think outside of the box. The crazier your ideas the more we like them.


Great things in business are never done by just one person, they are done by a team of people. In Timble our total is always greater than the sum of our parts. Watch Steve Jobs talk about teamwork