Timble Platform

An open source web publishing platform for the modern web.

Why our own platform?

The platform was born at the end of 2010 while creating a leaner and meaner multi-site and multi-lingual distribution of Joomla.

Compatibility with Joomla was dropped in 2012. Since then, development continued to completely refactor the codebase to a modern and lean architecture using well-established coding standards and best practices.

By doing most of the repetitive work for us, the platform greatly reduces our the time to develop all kinds of websites and complex web applications.

It allows us to focus on the things that matter most. Implementing our clients business logic and creating a user experience tailored to their exact needs.

Timble Platform is licensed under the AGPLv3 free software license.

Future proof

Want a solution that lasts while technology evolves? That’s what we’re trying to build at Timble. We hate to switch to new software every few years as much as you.

To do that, all it takes is our small team of engineers who maintain the software like a constant gardener, quietly doing the right things.

Use cases

Open Police

An open source web publishing platform for police forces. Used by the Belgian local and federal police.

Discover Open Police

All features

Behavior driven

Behaviors are injected into objects at runtime. By combining the functionality of mixins and command handlers they allow us to add new methods and react on object events.

Component based

Features a component based architecture using an Inversion of Control container and powered by a dependency injector and service locator.


The debugger helps us with errors and exceptions by showing everything in one screen. From the exception, to the code that threw it and the detailed stack trace.

Dynamic (H)MVC

The dynamic and cascading HMVC takes the work out of our hands. Easily implement custom business logic by specializing core objects.

Intuitive API

Designed to be simple. Learn once, apply everywhere: the consistent object oriented design pattern based API is easy to learn, and a joy to work with.

Modular and extendable

More functionality can be packaged into separated components. Anything the core cannot solve is extendible. Every class, object and template (custom or core) can be re-used or replaced.

Out-of-the-box security

The securely encoded output harden against XSS attacks and filters all data input to prevent against SQL injections and CSRF attacks automatically.

RESTful architecture

Designed around the HTTP protocol. Each component automatically provides a level 3 JSON REST API out of the box, no extra coding required.

Request-response driven

A request/response architecture provides out-of-the-box support for different transport mechanisms: http, chunked transfer encoding, sendfile, byte serving, redirect...


The templating engine offers a simple and expressive syntax. It is unintrusive and still allows plain PHP. Twig, Mustache and Markdown are supported.

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