Joomla in a Box Joomla meets vagrant

A Vagrant box for local Joomla development.

By Johan Janssens at Joomladay China in Jul 2016.

Joomla developers and agencies face the same challenges everyday. Testing their extensions against different Joomla versions, bugs that only happen in certain PHP versions, telling people "works on my machine" over and over again...

What if we didn't have to suffer all this? What if it took 5 seconds to set up a new Joomla site or 2 minutes to test a new PHP version? And what if all your coworkers had the exact same setup as you do?

In this presentation, we introduce Vagrant, a virtual machine manager, and walk through the benefits of using it for development. The slides take you through the different steps to setup a complete local Joomla environment in just minutes, install a site and install an extension from Git. At the end we also include information of the different productivity tools that are installed in the box.

If you develop with Joomla locally then this presentation is one you shouldn’t miss out on. Happy coding!

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