Enterprise Joomla hosting for SBHPP

SBHPP is a business unit of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd and is a global leader in the high performance plastics solutions and support. They have manufacturing, sales, support and administrative offices spanning across the globe.

SBHPP reached out to us to help them improve global accessibility and increase performance of their existing site. We looked for a solution without having to rebuild their website from scratch.

Key objectives

  • Increase global availability, to reach their customers across the globe.
  • Improve performance, and get more leads.

What we did

Joomla cloud hosting

We moved their website from their shared hosting to our Joomla cloud hosting platform. This is designed for the needs of high traffic and high profile websites and fully managed by our team.

We fine-tuned the PHP configuration to optimize for speed and stability. Together with a proper configuration of Joomla's caching using APCu this already yields a significant performance improvement.

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system that ensures a webpage and its assets are delivered from the server which is closest to the user’s geographical location. This speeds up the delivery of website content worldwide and makes sure users have an excellent experience on your site no matter where they are located.

For SBHPP we implemented CloudFlare.

Reducing page size

To reduce the number of elements that are requested and the overall size of the page, we configured the Pagespeed module on the server.

This module rewrites webpages before delivering them to the user and combines multiple files, re-compresses images and removes code that is not needed.


Global availability

The time it took for a visitor in Japan to receive the first page response was 1.2 seconds. After we moved the site, this time has been reduced to 218 milliseconds. The same speed increase is seen all over the world.

updown.io global response times.

Performance improvements

The time it takes to load a page is critical. Almost half of your visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. If it takes longer than 3 seconds they are likely to abandon a site.

The average page size was reduced by 16.13% and the average load time by 73.77% by moving to our infrastructure.

Pingdom PageSpeed report.

More visitors and leads

Ultimately, the goal is to attract more customers to your business. Reviewing the Google Analytics data a year after the switch to our platform, we conclude that visitors have increased by 14.07% and the site is receiving 9.45% more new users.

Most importantly, more leads are being generated. We see an increase in contact form submissions of 21.16% over the entire year.

Google Analytics yearly summary.
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