Joomla distro for Unilever

Closeup is the original youth oral care brand of Unilever Arabia and Middle East. It is one of the first brands targeting youth in the oral care market globally, with an edgy and youthful image which stays relevant till date.

Problem definition

When Unilever came to Timble, in 2012, they were planning a marketing campaign for Closeup. They already had a static website running but that solution had a lot of issues:

  • Speed, it took more than 40 seconds on first page load and 8 seconds on a subsequent load
  • SEO, not targeted towards the 'closeup' keyword
  • Responsive design, desktop only

Key objectives

  • Multi-site and multi-lingual Joomla distribution
  • Server configuration (production & staging environment)
  • Google Analytics to track sites individually
  • Deployment workflow

Future proof

The goal was to setup a complete application lifecycle workflow. Allowing Unilever to host any other Joomla site with just one codebase to maintain and develop.

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