Mexipass - Product Management Made Easy

MexiPass provides personal insurance programs for automobiles, boats, homes and family protection for American residents abroad. They also have comprehensive business and commercial insurance solutions for American entities operating in Mexico and other foreign countries.

MexiPass consulted Timble to help them build a simple web application to manage the products on their website. Their current solution had become a pain to use. They used an open source software that was not designed for their needs. In the beginning, everything seemed fine, until they realized that the workflow was painfully confusing and wasted a lot of time.

What did they want?

Basically, they wanted a better Product Manager. And for them, better meant these things:

  1. It doesn’t make their head explode (simple to use)
  2. It doesn’t waste their staff’s time (efficient user experience)
  3. It doesn’t break when somebody does something stupid (fool-proof)

What we did

Drawing from our proven track record of building products that users love, we built a product manager that is carefully tailored to address their pain points. We designed a simple user interface that’s straightforward to use. Even somebody with minimal technical know-how can pick it up easily. The workflow has been optimized to save time. It takes minimal effort to do what they need.

Behind the Scenes

While Mexipass Staff appreciates the beautiful user interface that we created for them, it’s worth mentioning the technologies we used behind the scenes. These technologies form the backbone of any application we build.

As the code’s foundation, we used Joomlatools Framework. This allowed us to build the application rapidly and more efficiently. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can deliver a feature rich web application fast - saving them time and money.

For the user interface, we used Joomlatools UI. This User Interface Kit is an in-house build, it combines our years of software design experience with our meticulous eye for details.